Wood gasification plant:

Our wood gasification plants are 100% in-house planned and built. These include conveyors, the plant itself, electronics, switchboard construction and woodchip refining. We are continuously working on developing and improving our plants even more to meet the highest possible standards.

Our container-gasification plant is the ideal solution for customers that don’t have or don’t want to invest in an additional operating location. This reduces the overall costs noticeably.

Further benefits are short production- and assembly periods, enabling of relatively quick site changes and a serial production that reduces space for errors.

Conveyor technology:

Our conveyors convince through durability, toughness and high discharge rates. They are included in our plants, however you can also acquire them seperately in all kinds of dimensions.

Screening technology:

As our conveyor technology, it is possible to obtain screening technology detached from one of our plants. Our engineering office will gladly assist your planning.

Drying-/ sliding floor technology:

Just like our seeving- and conveyor technology, you can acquire our sliding floors seperately. Our engineering office will be happy to assist you in calculating required sizes and drying performances.